TWS Bark-Eaz Pet Treats


Treat your loyal companion to the savory goodness of TWS Bark-Eaz Pet Treats. 🐶🥩 Each Beefy Bite is infused with 10mg of Full Spectrum CBD, offering wellness in every treat.



Introducing TWS Bark-Eaz Pet Treats, the perfect blend of taste and wellness for your dog. Our Beefy Bites are more than just treats; they’re a full spectrum CBD experience for your pet’s well-being. 🐶🥩 Each piece contains 10mg of CBD, designed to support calmness, joint health, and overall vitality.

With 25 treats per bag, your furry friend will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the rich, beefy flavor they love while receiving the benefits of CBD. Whether used for training rewards or daily treats, Bark-Eaz offers a delicious way to support your pet’s health and happiness.

Suggested Use: Give as a treat or reward—1 piece per day for small to medium dogs, 2 pieces for large dogs. Adjust as needed for your pet’s size and needs.


  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Natural Beef Flavor
  • Quality Ingredients for a Happy, Healthy Pet


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