TWS D9 Mango Syrup 150mg


Savor the tropical essence with TWS D9 Mango Syrup 150mg. 🥭✨ Infused with 150mg of D9 and just 0.3% THC, this 60ml syrup offers a sweet mango flavor and a gentle buzz across 10 delightful servings.



Introducing the TWS D9 Mango Syrup 150mg – your tropical escape in a bottle. 🥭✨ Crafted for those who love to infuse a bit of flavor and excitement into their routine, this syrup packs 150mg of D9 into a 60ml container, ensuring each of the 10 servings carries the perfect potency for a balanced and enjoyable experience. With a THC content of just 0.3%, it’s designed to provide the benefits you desire without the overwhelming effects.

The lush, ripe taste of mango not only tantalizes your taste buds but also transports you to sunny skies and sandy beaches with every drop. Whether you’re drizzling it over your favorite dessert, mixing it into a beverage, or enjoying it straight, TWS D9 Mango Syrup is a versatile addition to any pantry.

Suggested Use: Mix well before using. Start with 1 serving (6ml) to gauge your individual response.

Ingredients: Mango-flavored syrup with 150mg of D9, compliant with 0.3% THC regulations.

Net Content: 60ml

Servings: 10


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