TWS – Delta-9 Infused Beer Salt (500mg)


🍻 The Weed Spot Beer Salt (500mg): Elevate your beverage! Infused with 25mg Delta-9 per serving. A pinch of salt, a touch of buzz! 🌿✨



🍺 Discover The Weed Spot’s Delta-9 Infused Beer Salt 🍺

Quench your thirst and elevate your drink with The Weed Spot Beer Salt. A unique concoction that promises to elevate every sip you take.

🌱 Features:

  • Potent Infusion: Each serving, which is a cap full, packs a solid 25mg of Delta-9. Delight in a richer, enhanced beverage experience.
  • Measured Consumption: While the buzz is tempting, ensure not to exceed 2 cap fulls in an 8-hour span. Moderation is key for the best experience. ⚠️

Savor your drink with an added twist! Whether it’s a backyard barbecue or a quiet evening, The Weed Spot’s Beer Salt is your go-to choice for a heightened beverage session. 🍻✨


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