TWS Grandaddy Purple THCP+0 Cartridge


TWS Grandaddy Purple THCP+0 Cartridge: Immerse yourself in 1g of potent Indica bliss, featuring the renowned Grandaddy Purple strain with THCP+0 for a top-shelf vaping experience.

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Introducing the TWS Grandaddy Purple THCP+0 Cartridge, a tribute to the iconic west coast Indica known for its potency and popularity. Born from Ken Estes’ 2003 Grand Daddy Purp cross of Purple Urkle and Big Bud, this top-shelf Bay Area staple is highly recommended by growers and connoisseurs alike.

In the realm of Cannabis plants, Grandaddy Purple is celebrated for its large yields and resinous, dense nugs. The strain’s complex taste profile, a delightful blend of sweet berries and fresh soil, is mirrored in the equally powerful vape experience. Immerse yourself in the happiness and relaxation that follows each draw.

Over the past decade, Grandaddy Purple has emerged as one of California’s most sought-after varieties, making appearances in movies and TV shows like Californication, A Very Brady Sequel, and Cropsey. It has also claimed prestigious awards, including the 1st place Indica Cup at the Emerald Cup in 2010 and recognition in High Times’ Cannabis Cup.

‘Grandaddy Purp,’ an Indica strain with a sweet, earthy, and floral fragrance, is encapsulated in each 1g TWS cartridge. Indulge in the soothing, calming, and hunger-inducing effects that have made this strain a legendary favorite.

Elevate your vaping experience with the TWS Grandaddy Purple THCP+0 Cartridge—a fusion of tradition, potency, and premium quality in every draw.


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