TWS THCP Gummies 1000mg


Indulge in the potent pleasure of TWS THCP Gummies 1000mg, where each gummy packs a powerful 75mg blend of THCP and D8 for a deeply satisfying experience. 🍬✨



Dive into the depth of cannabinoid richness with TWS THCP Gummies 1000mg. Each gummy is a carefully crafted morsel containing an impressive 50mg of THCP and 25mg of D8, designed to deliver a potent and long-lasting effect. With a total of 1000mg per container, these gummies are formulated for those who seek a profound impact and an enhanced cannabinoid experience.

THCP is known for its heightened affinity for cannabinoid receptors, offering a more intense experience than its counterparts. When combined with the mellow vibes of D8, the result is a balanced and enveloping sensation that can cater to both relaxation and a heightened sensory journey.

Suggested Use: Enjoy one gummy as your serving to start, and allow up to two hours to feel the full effects before considering an additional serving. Due to the potency of THCP, we recommend starting with a partial gummy if you are new to this cannabinoid.

Product Details:

  • 75mg total cannabinoids per gummy
  • 50mg THCP per serving
  • 25mg D8 per serving


  • THCP (Tetrahydrocannabiphorol)
  • D8 (Delta-8 THC)
  • Natural Flavors and Sweeteners


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