Space Leaf O Series 2,250MG


Uncover the mysteries of the cosmos with Space Leaf O Series 2,250MG gummies. 🌌🍬 Each piece is infused with 75mg for a profound journey. Savor the collection of 30 assorted flavors that will take your senses on an interstellar adventure!



Navigate through the celestial flavors with Space Leaf O Series 2,250MG gummies, expertly dosed at 75mg per piece for those who dare to explore the extraordinary. 🌌🍬 Our assortment of 30 gummies offers a universe of flavors, ensuring a delightful surprise with every piece. Crafted for the adventurer in you, these gummies are a gateway to a new realm of taste and wellness. Perfect for the connoisseur seeking a powerful impact in their edible experience, Space Leaf O Series provides a consistent, high-quality journey to the stars and beyond. Embrace the cosmic essence and let your spirit soar with each flavorful encounter. 🚀✨


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